MY anxiety

Thank you for sharing.

Nothing Fancy Diaries

I feel that I should share what MY anxiety is.    

I sit all day long with a feeling in my chest.  It is best described as excitement.  Like I am looking forward to something, but nothing ever comes.    My legs bounce, I get antsy and I need to do things to keep my mind off of EVERYTHING (as to the crafting)  

My anxiety is parking my parents old van in the garage on Friday night and being worried all weekend that come Monday morning I won’t be able to get it past the neighbors car.  The whole weekend. 

My anxiety is making plans to do something, and fearing and dreading it.  What am I going to wear, who am I going to talk to, how do I get there, who else will be there, why did I say I would do this… and so on.  It…

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