Will everything be okay?

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A Curious Mind

Life has been VERY stressful. A job less than perfect, with an owner who lets just say is a Taylor Swift song (http://youtu.be/jYa1eI1hpDE). I can’t help but let my mind wander, one of the first thoughts is will everything be okay? That’s what I’m trying to figure out, when I become stressed my anxiety gets worse and the worst thoughts come to mind. It’s as if all these negative (unrealistic) thoughts crawl into my head and begin shouting. As much as I want to quiet them I can’t seem to because they are controlling my thoughts and are making me worried. Worried about the world ending, about something bad happening, about death, about anything and everything that could happen. It’s hard to deal with it, it’s an anxiety-depression that is so beyond my control that I get lost in the abyss with no way out. Despite my better…

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