Month: November 2014

The World’s Turning

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I Want to Cut

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The Depressed Christian

I want to cut. I want a way to deal with the events of the day. Unfortunately, there is some blood draw at work tomorrow. I still have marks from last week’s cutting but I think I will be all right. I can pass them off as cat scratches. But there is no way that I will be able to hide fresh cuts tomorrow.

I hate how I am dealing with my life’s problems with a pair of scissors.

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Cold in the desert

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This Sick Foundation

Tonight I am face to face with my darkness, I have failed to rationalise these emotions so I can’t deny them or tuck them away. All at once tonight, everything I have been repressing surfaced again. My body feels weak like the misery is pulsing in my veins and seeping into my bones and I swear my heart is burning a hole in my chest.

Alone in this, that fine line between alone time and loneliness has overlapped. I wish I had someone to pour my heart out to, I am in need of human touch… a pat on the shoulder, a hug, a cuddle, warmth, understanding and love. I know now that saying I need these things doesn’t mean I am weak, it just makes me human.

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Tomorrows a new day. Day 1

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tahnerak's Blog

Today’s been pretty bleak, couldn’t even bring myself to go outside the house.
I’m functioning, drifting through my daily tasks but my heads it in it.
I feel drained emotionally and physically, like someone’s turned the light out.
I started sorting my bedroom out, I started cleaning the kitchen, I started reading a book all left half finished.
I eventually gave in to the darkness and climbed into bed.
Today has been a shit day and tomorrow can only get better.

Oh one thing I did manage is to contact a second addiction centre about a voluntary placement. Hopefully when or if one of these comes off I’ll have more focus

Tomorrows a new day, a blank page and il going to drag my butt out of this house if it’s the last thing I do

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New Counselor

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Where people of mental illness can come together

I told you guys a couple of months ago that I had lost my psychiatrist of 4 years, I also told you how it made me feel. I was really stressing about getting a new counselor, I was even contemplation on just giving up and not going to another one. Well, I reconsidered and decided to give it a go, I got into a new indian clinic and was set up with a male counselor, to tell you the truth I hated male counselors, I never had a good experience with one. But I gave this one a try, he looks like Robert Blake, and even sounds like him, so in my mind I pretended that I was talking to Barreta himself. He let me talk for the whole hour, I just spilled out my guts, I gave him a shotgun blast of several things that were bothering me. He…

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