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Bipolarity and Food: Help!

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Being home for the holidays, my parents notice how much I eat. When I was on meds like Seroquel, I ate a lot. Currently, I hardly do. Comments in either direction tend to hurt my feelings for whatever reason.

I try to be healthy and eat even when I’m not hungry (if I only ate when I was hungry, there would be one ten-minute window of me stuffing my face with crab rangoon per day). I have gone from vegan to gluten free vegan to pescatarian all in efforts to maximize my health from what seems like minimal food on my part. I’ve learned that if I crave something, I need to go out and buy it. Usually my cravings are extremely healthy (90% of cravings are sushi or produce). The rest are calorie-dense and decadent (ice cream, gelato, cheese, egg drop soup).

Although I would rather not have eggs…

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Time To Fight Again.

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The not-so secret life of a manic depressant.


It’s time to fight again. I aim to be a person that is strong and positive. Although I have had a slight rough patch as of late, I think I get through it.
I always do. Radiating good vibes is an important part of my life as well as my recovery. It helps me to feel good, and passes it onto others as well. Which is another thing I care about greatly; the welfare and happiness of others. I get so caught up in my own sadness that I forget that others are going through the same thing, and even worse things than me. I know that illness isn’t a competition, it all counts, but I just need to remember that my life isn’t that bad.
So fight I shall. One bad day at a time. I will get through them with a smile on my face and peace within…

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Update 01

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Candy Volcano

So it has been a while since I posted. And I have a lot to fill you guys in on. I appreciate the people following me, and I am sorry if I am sluggish on posting. Sometimes it is simply hard to write down how I feel, because I feel like that action gives it some sort of power over me. Like by acknowledging it, I am giving it control. I don’t want this disease to have any more control then it has already syphoned from me.

On Nov 30th, 2014 I was placed in emergency care for suicide watch. I was in a group home for around a week. It was a wonderful experience for me, and I know I am lucky because not everyone finds someplace where they feel completely supported. I was at the The Wood Group, here where I live, and they are wonderful about leaving…

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Why Does Mental Health Take A Back Seat When It Comes To Health Care?

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The Random Ramblings of Laiyla Lane


For the last 2 1/2 months I’ve been changing medications and for the last 2 weeks I’ve been trying to settle on my new meds.

I feel fantastic – only problem being that for the love of god I can not sleep!

Anyone with Bipolar knows that sleep is important.

The only way I can sleep is by taking 25mg of Nitrazepam with my 15mg of Olanzapine,which I am rather sure isn’t safe and is an overdose.

Even though I know this I take it anyway as insomnia is a nightmare.

It’s not just the endless hours of boredom, it messes with your head.

I phoned my mental healthcare provider to see if I could get an appointment earlier than the one I have on 22nd January and was told I would just have to wait – yeah cheers for that you arsehole!

I could go to and see my…

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Ceasing Seroquel – some tips

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I’m often asked for assistance to cease Seroquel, (Quetiapine) by people who are finding the discontinuation syndrome distressing.

Here are some tips.

 white flower

The first thing I would recommend, is that you  immediately start meditating

Meditation is the gentlest, most holistic way to help your body heal

Here is a super easy introduction

Meditation 1

Meditation 2

Meditation 3

Here is a great set of guided meditations by Linda Hall

When I was experiencing intense suicidal ideation a few years ago I was using these meditations, particularly, Inner glow, multiple times a day, to give myself a break  from the pain in my head.

Meditation is Number 1 in your cessation plan

Find 10-15 mins every day if you can.

A gift you give to yourself and your healing 🙂

 Shiny flower


Stop trimming the Seroquel  dose until you feel a little more centred.

Perhaps 3-4 weeks

It is not always…

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P d o c. T h e r a p y ヾ(*Őฺ∀Őฺ*)ノ

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A few days ago when I saw my psychiatrist he asked me if there were any side effects from the new medication he had put me on.   I’m being treated for treatment-resistant depression.

Me:  Weeeeell before I was taking Geodon I was angry all the time.  If anyone even looked at me weird I would get pissed off.  I wanted to start fights. I’d be angry for no reason.  I was just pissed off all the time but now I’m not as angry.  I’m not angry 24/7.

Pdoc: Well that’s good.  Is there anything else?

Me: *thinks* Uuuuuuuuuhhhmm it’s probably nothing but my chest has been hurting.  Every so often I feel like a shock and it hurts.

Pdoc:  That’s probably the underlying condition. (´• ⍘  • ` )

Me: Yeah I thought so it’s just my heart huuuuurts ! *presses hand against chest*

Pdoc: I know, I’m sorry.

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