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Getting On With It

In an attempt to lighten things up and diversify the type of material on the blog, I’ve started cartooning. That is, drawing pictures like a kid. So many times I’m too tired or mentally overwhelmed to write. Yet, things need sayin’. I’ve never allowed myself to draw like a kid, with total disregard for quality and self-censorship. So I’m doodling when I can’t write and I hope the ridiculousness of it will at least please some folks.

After a rough week at work, the only thing that seemed reasonable was to punch something. So I took my butt to a kickboxing class. Not the cute, expensive yoga pants kind, the smelly kind in a fighting gym. I needed to unleash and didn’t want to scare the stable types.

They tell you, back when you’re nubby lumps of optimism, that self-care is extremely important in this work. But they don’t tell you what self-care…

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