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Who I am.

Sometimes I get really lonely. It really hits me right in the heart. My heart just feels empty. Like, you know the feeling when you’re just in existence and not really living? Not feeling? Well lately, I feel as if that has become my life.

As much as I’d love to sit in my room in the dark all curled up in blankets, I can’t allow myself to do that. I can’t let the emptiness in my heart take over and become the emptiness in life. I’ve worked too dam hard to be happy and experience happiness, to let it all slip away. F*ck you depression. Seriously. You’re done taking over my life and deciding things for me.

It’s time that I live for me. It’s time that I feel my heart beating, and not just know that my heart is beating as part as a biological process.

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  1. hey, I know how you feel. I’m in also in college & it’s just not at all how I pictured it would be; on top of that I’ve struggled through depression before too. just know: you’re not alone, and you can and will make it through this!


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