Month: May 2015

Your Illness Doesn’t Define You

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Living in Chaos: Life With Mental Illness

It’s common for people to say things like “I’m Bipolar” or “I’m Schizophrenic” but I think a better wording would be something like “I have Bipolar disorder or “I have Schizophrenia” Now, you can say it however you want but what’s important is what you believe behind it. Are you just Schizophrenic or whatever your diagnosis is, or are you a person, beyond a diagnosis.  Sometimes we get caught up in our labels, A lot of times people try to label and diagnose every behavior as some sort of episode that is caused by their illness.  It’s completely normal to have sad days, to have a bad week, to get angry, to get a little hyper or over enthusiastic.  That is within the normal range of emotions.  It’s concerning that people want to medicate away any emotions they have, they are part of life, remember that life is full…

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Ending Stigma around Schizophrenia

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Studies in Feminist Activism


My activism project was about the negative stigma surrounding schizophrenia. A lot of people assume that someone who has schizophrenia cannot live any sort of a normal life. Media and society paints somebody with schizophrenia as a dangerous person and this is just not true. My project was to create posters to minimize these sorts of negative beliefs of schizophrenia. Many people see a “schizophrenic”, instead of a person with schizophrenia. Up to 40% of schizophrenics attempt to commit suicide, often because of the sense that the illness is a death sentence given by society.

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My dirty little secrete ………

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So i have been struggling see something  was not going to mention on this blog but now feel i should. I have PTSD suffer from flashbacks and night terror. See i was sexually abused as a child from the age of 3 to the age of 13. i am sure some of you  reading this know what that like. its  horrible, terrifying and degrading make you feel powerless and weak along with feelings of guilt and shame.any ways I struggle with this a lots i have done my share of therapy believe you me. bu still ever spring i get flooded spring was the last time i saw my abuser wen i went to court and mine and my abuser birthday same day i have been dealing with a flood of memories  on a daily basis the last three weeks.too add to it i have been hallucinating  my abuser entering…

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So Very Far From Fine

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This Blog Will Not Help

I feel like a deer caught in the headlights every time someone asks me, “How are you doing?”

The expected response is, “Fine,” so that’s usually what I give. But then there are people that I feel wrong lying to.

I mean, I could say:

Well, two weeks ago I had my best couple of days since before Christmas. I pretty much forgot that I had depression. During that time, I got a job at the community college newspaper and started doing karate again and made all sorts of goals and plans for the future. Then the next week I started feeling a little overwhelmed by all of this and got kind of depressed again. I’ve gotten progressively worst and then today I was so emotionless I probably could have murdered someone and felt no remorse. How have you been?

I face a dilemma every time I want to say…

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