There is a community willing to share their experience with mental illness.

I am interested in how you cope with depression, mania, anxiety, or schizophrenia. What was it like to first receive a diagnosis? How did this make you feel? What obstacles have you faced in treatment? How have you overcome these obstacles? How do you feel now?

When are you at your worst? At your best, do you feel normal? How do you spend your day? Are you only up when the sun goes down?

How has your therapist or psychiatrist helped you (or not at all)? Have you found medications that work? What side effects have they caused?

Who are you grateful for in your life?

Thank you for sharing,
Edwin Kim

Visit Mental Health Resources.



  1. Hi Edwin. I’d love to answer all your questions but there are so many… Firstly, I can say that my son was relieved when he received the diagnosis of schizophrenia. Finally he knew what he had. He had been suffering from OCD for years, and we simply thought that it was becoming worse and worse. Until the thoughts and delusions became so unreal and haunting that it was obviously more than OCD. And yes, the first medications had side effects so he switched until he found the pill that works for him. Thanks for reblogging my post. Heila


    1. I completely understand the relief in diagnosis, I felt the same way. Just having a label, understanding what is wrong makes it a lot easier to deal with. I hope you are both going well in navigating the often difficult journey of mental health recovery. Families are so often overlooked


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